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Meet Khushii Pathak Mishra

Life Design Coach


hushii is the founder of ‘The Mindful Abundance’, an engineer turned Life Design and Intuitive Business Coach, a millennial mom, and a Conscious Minimalist.
‘The Mindful Abundance’ is a personal development & transformation platform, all set to help you quantum leap into building your Soul-led empire & freedom.

It aims to bring awareness among people and help them consciously and intentionally design an abundant life and soul-led business they desire.

This platform helps people understand and heal their trauma, and rise above them to design a holistic and successful life.

Khushii helps you master the art of redesigning your life, the art of letting go of your negative emotions, finding your purpose, and live an intentional life through Mindfulness, Subconscious reprogramming, Manifestation, Healing, and Law of Attraction.

As an Intuitive Business Coach, Khushii helps you infuse business strategies with spiritual practices to bring the ultimate flow, alignment, and abundance to your business.

The essence of everything we do at ‘The Mindful Abundance’ is deeply spiritual and holistic both in life and in business.

Khushii has already trained and coached over 2000+ students all around the world ranging from 18 years to 50+ years and helped them unleash their true potential in life through various programs, workshops, masterclasses, courses, and private coaching.

Most Popular Programs

Cultivate a healthy routine, quiet mind, open heart and vibrant spirit.
These online coaching programs will help you in your all round personal development and growth

Live In Abundance

Choose to Live in Abundance because abundance is your birthright and it’s time for you to create the life you love!

the art of letting go, get rid of negative thoughts, rewire your thoughts, coaching program for dealing with negativity, NLP, ho'oponopono program

Unleash Abundance Challenge

A 3-day course to take charge of your life & step into real freedom!

Redesign Your Life- Private 1:1

Be unapologetically and authentically ‘You’ with grace and transcend higher!

“Live life with a twinkle in your eyes and magic on your mind”

What My Clients say...

I took course from Khushii and that was amazing. She really made things easy for me. She explained me everything very nicely and patiently. And that helped me to grow my channel and align my vision. She told all the points where I was lagging behind and gave me tips on how to improve. I look forward to take more course from her . Thank you so much 🙂
Priyal Suved
Alfred Adler once said "empathy is seeing with eyes of another, listening with ears of another and feeling with the heart of another". One doesn't usually fine a person who is ready, who is out there to listen to you, to help you, to walk by you while you figure out things. Khushi is gifted. She cares, she listens to help you. I have had wonderful experience. With this endeavour, I am confident she will be a guiding light to those who are seeking help.
Amit Kulkarni
I have taken re-write your life story program with Khushii. It has helped me create wonderful processes to pursue my PhD, take out time for myself. She has helped me overcome my mismanagement of time and divert my energy into more efficient things. I feel so much better than before.
I recommend her courses to everyone who wants to see a positive change in life.

Sharad Srivastava

“No amount of hard work, smart work or strategies can make up for the lack of inner alignment”- Work from Inside Out!

I Specialize in...

  • International Certified Professional Life Coach
  • International Certified Mindfulness Teacher
  • International Certified Ho’oponopono Practitioner
  • International Certified NLP Master & REBT Practitioner
  • International Certified Relationship Coach
  • International Certified Law of Attraction Coach
  • International Certified Meditation Guide

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