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After staying at home in quarantine for 90+ days I have realized 2 things. The first way to stay calm during this time is to focus on the present moment. Finding happiness in small things that will keep us going.

The second way to stay hopeful is to time travel to the future. Do you also imagine what life will be like after all this is over? How will things change? because I do it all the time. Let me know in the comments what do you guys think about?

I know we can’t predict the future, but whenever I think about the long term positive changes that could follow the pandemic I see a lot of potential for a better world.

Here are 7 good things that will follow this pandemic. I hope it will provide you much-needed comfort while we are all stuck at home 🙂

  1. The world going cashless
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One thing I like about Bangalore is its exposure to cashless payments. Right from cab drivers to pain puri counters, they all accept various modes of payment. Even if you don’t carry your wallet you could survive outside with just your phone. However, many cities and businesses are not very flexible in this option. Covid has made a huge impact in this area.

While a lot of us are used to the idea of paying by cards, Google, Paypal, Paytm, etc many are still a fan of paying by cash. This pandemic may force them to change their habits for good. This habit will also help small and local businesses move their money tracking online. Not only is contactless payment more hygienic but it also helps us keep track of spending, saves our time and is mostly hassle-free 🙂

2. It will make adulting for Millennials and younger generations easier

Believe it or not, our generation is so used to all sorts of shortcuts and comforts. We sweat when we have to but we also find easy alternatives to manage most of our chores and duties. Now, I’m not saying it’s bad but it creates dependency. This pandemic has taught us how to survive the worst of all situations. We have learned to be without our cooks, nanny, kaam wali Didi(house help), our tgif nights, our shopping sprees and best of all our endless deliveries from swiggy and zomato. This lockdown and pandemic have taught us to be more self-sufficient and independent.

3. Better remote work facilities

7 positive  changes that will follow pandemic, work from home after pandemic, the mindful abundance blog

We have all learned to get things done online or from home. Be it IT sector, educational systems, or even sales, everyone around the world has become innovative and come up with ways to keep the dice rolling. Classes are being held online, meetings, discussions everything is happening from remote locations.

 Although a lot of IT sector companies do have flexible work from home policies on paper, sometimes they don’t translate well in real life due to various reasons; however, this pandemic will help companies and employees to realize the importance of work from home and family time which will result in even happier workplaces as this situation has thought us creative ways to get our work done no matter where we are 🙂

4. Less consumerism and conscious consumers

less consumerism post pandemic

Lockdown has taught us one of the most important lessons of all time. We don’t need to fill up our homes with stuff to be happy all the time. I mean sure all of us are missing on a lot of things during this quarantine but slowly we have learned to be without them and we have found simpler ways of living life. I’m hopeful that post-pandemic a lot of us will turn into minimalists for good. It will not only help clear clutter from our life but will also give us more time and happiness 🙂

5. We will value human connections more than ever

How many times have we craved those carefree walks around the parks or malls? To once again stand in those never-ending billing lines? Making sudden plans to meet a friend or relative? It’s eye-opening that these small gestures were a luxury we din think about.

I’m sure we will never take human interactions for granted in the future. Those casual handshakes or hugs to old friends and relatives will find a new meaning altogether. Hopefully, it will lead to a generation of more mature minds who would be compassionate and loving towards one another 🙂

6. Improved global crisis management

improved medical health services post pandemic

A lot of countries have handled this pandemic very well but there have been some problems as well, right from less medical supplies to collapsed health care systems around the globe to govt not taking this pandemic seriously, we have seen all sorts of scenarios around the globe and there is always room for improvement

I’m sure if god forbid any such thing happens ever again, we will all do a thing or two differently, be it on an individual level or at the global level. After corona virus the healthcare systems will never be the same; hopefully for better 🙂

7. A healthier and cleaner environment

How the planet has healed itself in these last few months is beyond imagination. The holes in the ozone layer have reduced and closed, wildlife has returned to its true healthier form, CO2 emissions have gone down drastically. Air quality has improved and above all the clouds are bluer and water is clearer.

I’m hopeful a lot of us will become more conscious consumers and look for sustainable and eco-friendly options to live a more meaningful life. Let’s just take this pandemic as a source of inspiration to make changes and live in harmony with nature 🙂

I hope this post gives you motivation and hope to look forward to a better tomorrow and helps you get through these uncertain times. I’m confident this too shall pass and bring a fruitful tomorrow for all of us 🙂

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