What is My Story?

Hey there !

I’m Khushii, I help individuals transform and take charge of their life to create a holistic abundant life through mindset shift, subconscious reprogramming, strategies, manifestation, and healing. I’m a big fan of love, light, and laughter. I always was a bright kid with a very good score, the first one to get a job in my college, good in extracurricular, have had a bunch of amazing friends. It all sounds pretty sorted, right? But has it been as simple and easy as it sounds? Heck no!

I have been studying and implementing mindset, law of attraction, and subconscious reprogramming from many years and my experiences made me go deeper into the human mind and psychology with each roadblock I faced.
Right from my parent’s financial troubles to us staying without electricity for 3 whole years 2009–2012(there was a property dispute neither did we budge to bribery nor did we have enough financial stability to just go and live somewhere else), it was definitely not easy. I prepared for my engineering entrance exams in a kerosene oil lantern, we stayed in extreme temperatures of 3–4 degrees to 45–50 degrees celcius without heater or fan. I was afraid to call my friends home by the thought of pity and judgment. Trust me to date only a handful of people know about this. After studying hard without electricity I met with an accident twice right before my IIT and UPTU engineering exams. I ended up without admission and severe stress and anxiety, then finally made my way into a college in Bangalore all based on my will to fight, school grades, no donation, and power of law of attraction. I finally graduated as an engineer in 2014 and landed a job. I made a bunch of friends, memories, and learned a lot of life lessons. I still look at my accident scar and silently smile for the fact it taught me a lot of things and helped me meet people whom I would not have met if it was not for the way my life turned out to be.
Finally, life seemed to get on track, but little did I know what was in store for me! In October 2015, after a bunch of tests and multiple doctors doing trial and errors on me I was diagnosed with extremely rare condition, neurocysticercosis, it’s a tapeworm infection that happens in the brain or spinal cord mostly due to raw, uncooked meat. Guess what I’ve been a vegetarian all my life and my have always taken care of my health and hygiene! I had infection both in my brain and my spinal cord. I was put up on steroids, and countless medications for years. My dad rushed to Bangalore and he fell extremely sick after a blood vomit and ended up in ICU. So here I was, lying in bed on one floor and my dad on another floor. All this while the only support I had was from my friends and people who are my relatives by love not by blood. My immense faith in the universe, manifestation and mindfulness has kept me going. So yeah after 1 month of hospitalization both me and my dad were discharged. We as a family fought it all, I did get on with my life slowly and even continued my job, got married to the love of my life in 2017. Nishant was by my side throughout my sickness. We had our first baby in 2018. There were few complications but in the end, it all turned out fine.
A little later in 2019, I slipped deep into depression after resigning from my job, being at home the whole time, and coping up with the society’s pressure of being a ‘perfect mom’. It was during this time I started my youtube channel to escape my feelings, this channel later became a reflection of who I am and what I stand for. During my depression all of the past and present underlying issues started coming up, uncontrolled crying, wanting to run away, the feeling of not belonging and so much more. But after all this how could I give up? How could I stop fighting? So I decided to take professional help, read a lot about self-help techniques and worked on myself once again. It made me realize all my life I had been fighting and rising above problems, the only difference was earlier I was shielded by my parents’ love and did not have the pressure of adulting.

I also started talking about Mental health and depression on public platforms in an attempt to break the taboo and help people realize that it’s okay to be depressed and take help. It’s not something to be ashamed of!

Whatever I have done with my life, I owe it all to my beautiful baby, my supportive husband, my pillar of strengths my Maa and Papa and my own quest of working on my personal growth to come out of every adverse situation in life until I finally decided I am NEVER going back into the negative spiral ever again!
Is my life story sob and sad? It might seem so. Do I consider it a sob-story? Hell NO! If my life has taught me anything it’s that, it is entirely in our own hands to create and live the life we want. To not quit and keep doing what you love. To have faith and find ways to overcome struggles and become a better version of yourself, and to rewrite your story the way you truly want. You certainly cannot change what has already happened but you can always look at things from a fresh perspective and create your own reality.
I have always laughed the hardest in the room, lived life with a twinkle in my eyes and magic on my mind 🙂
It took a great deal of courage to speak about my life out in the open but if this persuades at least one single soul and gives them a reason to fight their troubles, find hope in the darkest of times, learn to live and laugh, it will all be worth it. The only purpose I have now is to help as many individuals as possible to take charge of their life and create a beautiful abundant life they love. To teach you the power of your thoughts and your mind. To help you activate law of attraction and put you in highest vortex of positive energy. Living an intentional, happy, and abundant life is in our own hands. We all have equal abilities and our own share of problems, all we need is the right kind of guidance along the way !

Lots of love,
Life Design Coach