Adulting Made Easy

This 1:1 program is focused on students and young adults. It helps students understand the various aspects of transforming into responsible adults with good health, life, and career. It’s majorly focused on students who often find themselves lost due to many distractions that stop them from reaching their life goals and overall success. If you are feeling confused, lost, sad, or unheard in your student life, college life, or early job stage this program will help you unleash your true potential and give you sustainable processes to become the best version of yourself. I work with individual young girls and boys and I also work with colleges to provide my coaching/counseling to their students.

  • Do you feel fear of missing out on things?
  • Do you feel worried about your career path?
  • Do you feel a lack of direction and purpose?
  • Do you feel a lack of confidence and self-esteem?
  • Do you have fear of examinations or being left behind?
  • Do you feel stuck in unwanted and not so healthy habits?
  • Do you feel pressure to look and feel a certain way to fit in?
  • Do you miss your home and feel difficult staying in the hostel?
  • Do you have stress, anxiety, or the constant feeling of sadness?
  • Do you feel peer pressure to give in to social activities that you dislike?
  • Do you need to speak to someone and seek guidance in any phase of life?
  • Do you feel a lack of discipline and will power to get through important decisions?
  • Do you feel a financial burden or other family troubles that are stopping you from giving your best?

If you feel any of this, then “Adulting made easy” is the best program for you to figure out your life.

Just a few years back I graduated from engineering college and I know all about feeling stuck. The feeling of missing parents, family and sometimes even crying myself to sleep. However, I slowly learned my ways around everything, had an amazing time in college, made friends, landed a good job, and learned from experiences that have enriched me as a person. I know how difficult some days can get being in a whole new world of adulting. I have even seen my friends go through various situations and helped them all the time.

Let’s get through difficult situations, I am here to listen to you and guide you without any judgment and bias.

What to expect?

  • A safe place to talk about your fears and problems.
  • Dig deeper to uncover your purpose in life.
  • A place to brainstorm your ideas, plans, goals, and vision
  • Learn the skills and processes that will help you master your personal/college/professional.
  • Learn how to create a sustainable routine to stay focused and work diligently towards your goals.
  • I’ll also help you overcome mental blocks that are stopping you from doing what you really want.
  • Learn some of the best practices to overcome self-doubt, lack of confidence, and anxiety.
  • Learn how to handle peer pressure and come out of habits that make you feel stuck.
  • I’ll also introduce you to the power of mindfulness, manifestation, and positive affirmations combined with inspired actions to help you create magic in your life.
  • As a mindset and life design coach, I’ll give you techniques to re-wire and re-structure your thoughts and emotions so that you’ll be mindful and positive throughout.

This program will help you create the life you truly love.

Program format-

  • Each session will be of 60 minutes. It will be a video/audio call based on your preference.
  • You can choose the no of sessions based on your need. I would suggest you take 2 months’ sessions for the best results.
  • 8 calls (first call 90 minutes and subsequent calls 60 minutes) scheduled one call per week.
  • Customized Resources (e.g.: worksheets, exercises, habit building goal setting and planning, brainstorming)
  • Text message & email support for an additional 2 months.
  • Bundle plans available.