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Level 0:

Let's start from


Understanding Manifestation and Law of Attraction

How Meditation serves Manifestation?

Why Manifestations don’t work for some people?

How can you make your Manifestations work?

What is the role of the Subconscious Mind in Manifestation?

Level 1:

Essential Tools to


for Manifestation

Intention Setting Exercise

The Right Way to practice Gratitude

Clarity Process in 14 areas of your Life

Choosing the major Desires for each month to Manifest

Get Crystal Clear about your Desires. Understand what it Looks and Feels like


Techniques to



while Manifesting

How to re-model your Belief System?

Breaking your Mind Blocks

Increasing the ‘Deserving Factor’

Understanding the importance of Divine Timing

How to surrender and Trust the process?


How to


(Miracle Manifestation Routine)

The exact way to Script for Manifesting your Dream Life

How to Write and practice your Affirmations?

Powerful Visualisation Techniques

A Step by Step Routine to attract anything and everything you want

How to take Inspired Action?

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