Okay..Okay..Alright..I hear you!

-You don’t believe in manifestation
-You are tired of trying 100 different techniques with ‘zero’ results
-You look at this whole world of personal growth & expansion with skepticism
-You are filled with the feeling of ‘Not good enough, ‘I don’t deserve it’ and ‘I’m just the victim here’
-You have a hardcore belief that life creation & manifestation isn’t for everyone
-You feel that life is always in the driver’s seat & you have no power & say in your life whatsoever

HEY! I Don’t Blame You!

As most of the things you have learned or been taught about Manifestation & Life Creation is WRONG! It’s just not working out for you, simply because you find it overwhelming, and it gives no results.
Well, I have been there. I tried techniques after techniques after techniques after techniques…yesss…so many techniques and more!
And after doing these techniques I wondered what was going wrong? Why is it not happening? Ever thought this way?

Are 1000’s of techniques done on the conscious level the answer to creating the life you love? Ummm..NO!

I learned from some of the biggest mistakes I was making while trying to figure this whole thing out, and once I did things flipped for me!

Let me tell you why things are not working out-

You see most people, books, and courses talk about feeling positive all the time, as that’s the number one thing for manifesting the success of your dreams..but is it??

The only thing that comes from slipping into toxic positivity is more overwhelm, insecurities and fears in the long run as you are just not doing the deeper level of work

Another major mistake I see people making is doing the surface-level work! You have to understand that the universal laws for creating the life you want is equal amounts of ‘woo woo’ and science! And it requires major faith in the unknown forces at work!

Your subconscious mind is 90% responsible for the decisions you make, the beliefs you hold, the results you get and only 10% of it has to do with the conscious mind! The real magic is working on your sub-conscious rewiring.

I have seen this over and over again..You get in life what you are open to receiving!
ASK and It’s GIVEN..but are YOU OPEN to RECEIVE it into YOUR REALITY?
Coz hey..once you ask there comes all the crap beliefs and negative thoughts you have in your subconscious! All the attachment, obsession, trauma, sick beliefs pop and cloud your intuition!

The next major blunder you might be doing is manifesting for all the wrong reasons, manifesting from the space of lack, scarcity, anger, past, and insecurities! Trust me when I cracked this, it was the biggest ‘aha’ moment for me!

Does this mean Manifestation does not work???

It simply means Manifestation is a deeper process and understanding of the universal laws. Manifestation goes beyond just the tools and the techniques. It has to be holistic!
Take it from me, you create your life every single second of every day! Whether you believe it or not, whether you want it or not!
So it’s totally your choice, you can either work with these universal laws and co-create your life or work against them and self-sabotage!

I have used the same processes, beliefs, and techniques to come out of impossible situations in my life.

Trust me when I say this, I have been on the other side of the curve, grew up with a serious financial crisis, so much so that we often would struggle for daily meals, have been through depression, been severely sick, at the same time have seen my dad in ICU, have been pushed out of many many houses, just because we could not afford to pay the rent on time. Have studied in the kerosine oil lamp and stayed in a house without electricity for 3+ years. These are just a few of the life situations that I have penned down here, I could probably go on and on for another day..

From this, in the last few years, I shifted the scale, the direction of my life as and when I went deeper into the law of attraction, energy, and manifestation.
I did my engineering against all odds, graduated with an excellent scorecard, was the first one to get placed in an amazing company, went to London, got married, have a beautiful baby, we bought our first home, I started my business, grew it, still scaling it in the most aligned way, and we now live in a rented Beautiful Penthouse Villa Home by choice!
From being pushed out of homes, to owning one and living in a Penthouse Villa Home is freaking crazy and amazing for me! I still often have to pinch myself to remind myself that this is the life I have chosen to consciously create!

It has become my mission in life to help and fully support others and to enable them to truly take charge and create the life they love!
‘Live In Abundance’ stems from my mission and it’s the most holistic course you will find in the area of Life creation, Manifestation, and Law of Attraction.
The basis of LIA is the present moment and conscious manifestation combined with the power of healing, self-love, and everything magical!!!

Live in Abundance is the most in-depth program that does the work for you effortlessly, while you just follow the routine, and by work I mean core level inner work!

LIA is tried and tested and it works!!! It works for me, for my students, and even my husband(who I have slowly turned into a believer).

Oh, by the way, Nishant(my soul partner) has recently switched his company, when we initially causally spoke about it, he told me a specific area in which he wanted to work, we set the intention together, and while writing his affirmations, a specific salary number came to me(quite high), I did what I do best, told him the techniques inside LIA, wrote his affirmations and he had 6 offers within 2 months, and 4 of them were the exact same number or higher than that number….and the best part?? He was not even looking for a job change in the first place! And..and…and..it happened in Pandemic!

There are so many students inside LIA who have manifested amazing job opportunities(often more than 1), business opportunities(amazing clients), great health, relationships, confidence, and so much more!

So when I say this stuff works, you can trust me on this!

 Let’s take a little sneak peak into the LIA’s curriculum

The mantra: You have everything within you to create the life you love!


Level 0:

Let's start from


Understanding Manifestation and Law of Attraction

How Meditation serves Manifestation?

Why Manifestations don’t work for some people?

The Journey of Life Creation

How can you make your Manifestations work?

What is the role of the Subconscious Mind in Manifestation?

Level 1:

Essential Tools to


for Manifestation

Setting the ground with Meditation

Daily Intention Setting Exercise

Watering the flowers: The Right Way to Practice Gratitude

Life-design blueprint: Clarity Process in 14 areas of your Life

Choosing the major Desires for each month to Manifest


Techniques to

Re-program your

Subconscious mind

while Manifesting

Get crystal clear on your desire, what it looks like & feels like

How to re-model your Belief System?

Breaking down your blocks aka increasing your Deserving Factor

Choosing the right reasons for the manifestation

Understanding the importance of Divine Timing & Surrender

How to surrender and Trust the process?


Tools to


(Miracle Manifestation Routine)

The exact way to Script for Manifesting your Dream Life

Power of Affirmations, Science behind it, and how to practice them the right way

Science behind Visualization

Sensory and Creative Visualization Technique

How to take Inspired Action?

A SOLID step by step Routine to attract anything and everything you want

That's not all. You get access to a ton of FREE BONUSES! Scroll down to read about them

FREE BONUSES that blend in beautifully with the routine!

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For NRI Students it’s one single payment of $167


You get 5-year access to the course material.

It’s self-paced course, with lots of support & motivation throughout.

You get access to LIA private facebook group where I and other students will help you with any questions and will motivate you with their success stories

You will need anywhere between 20-40 minutes to practice the routine and the best part? you get amazing results even if you follow the routines for just 20-25 days in a month!

When you join LIA you-
Learn how to prepare yourself for abundance and miracles in life
The correct ways to plant the seed of abundance in your sub-conscious mind & not just the surface level work
You understand what beliefs to nurture in life for miracles to take place
You learn to manifest from the present moment.
You learn to slowly heal yourself in the process(as I said, it’s a holistic course)
You learn to trust and surrender and be open for miracles with grace
You learn to take inspired action from the place of joy and calmness
You get a solid routine for like forever to practice.
You get an amazing community and accountability!
You feel the transformation in your life & mindset which is above and beyond anything that can be put into words.

Still, Confused? 

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Feel free to DM me in case of any queries!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the course is created in such a way that whether you are a beginner or have prior knowledge, the course will benefit you immensely.

It’s a self-paced course.

Live group coaching call will be held once every month until December, 2022

You get access to the course for 5 years from the date of purchase.

You’ll get access to the course within 24 hours of registering.

You will be sent a Welcome email with facebook group access all the further instructions post payment.

You will need anywhere between 30-45 days to go through the course for the first time.

After this, you will understand and create the LIA routine that you can follow every month.

The best part? you get amazing results even if you follow the routines for just 20-25 days in a month!

You would need anywhere between 20-40 minutes to practice the entire routine in a day.

I would love to guarantee this but I can’t.

There are too many factors out of my control such as the effort and time you put in. I am, however, extremely confident that if you fully immerse yourself into the content you will have magical shifts in all areas of your life and will truly manifest amazing things in your life.

I will teach you, inspire you, motivate you, nudge you and cheer you on.

There are tons of success stories of numerous students getting magical results doing what you will be learning.


If you’re here to show up and boldly commit to transforming your life, with this energy comes massive results!

We stand behind our products/services and your satisfaction with them is of utmost importance to us. However, because our products/services are completely digital in nature and provided to you via Internet download, they are non-refundable and we do not accept any refund request of whatsoever nature.

We urge you to read through the course details and understand the offering and your intentions from the course before enrolling. We believe deeply in the miracles you’re about to receive and urge you to enroll with a commitment to seeing the course through.