Programs (50% Off - During COVID)

1. Re-write your life story!

This is my signature 1:1 program which focuses on helping you identify and set your personal/ professional/business goals, chalk out a plan and work towards achieving it. This is especially for people who want to uncover their true potential, find their purpose in life and make it big. It is for you to re-write your life story and create a life of true abundance. Get out of hamster wheel of feeling stuck in life and unleash your true potential to be your own boss in every aspect of your life!

2. The art of letting go!

This classic 1:1 coaching/counselling program helps you heal your life of all the negative emotions, memories and struggles. A step by step guidance to help you turn into a person with holistic mindset towards the world by accepting, processing and letting go of all thoughts that hold you from getting ahead in life. Tap into the power of mindfulness, positive mindset, re-structuring your thoughts, getting over limiting beliefs and the true art of letting go.