Re-write your life story!

This is my signature 1:1 program which focuses on helping you identify and set your personal/ professional/business goals, chalk out a plan and work towards achieving it. This is especially for people who want to uncover their true potential, find their purpose in life and make it big. It is for you to re-write your life story and create a life of true abundance. Get out of hamster wheel of feeling stuck in life and unleash your true potential to be your own boss in every aspect of your life!

There is no better feeling than one of creating a life you love. A life of abundance needs discipline, sustainable processes that work for you, mindfulness and above all the purpose. I’ll help you discover it all with this program.

  • Do you wake up feeling tired and exhausted?
  • Do you feel you are stuck due to your own limiting beliefs?
  • Do you want to make it big but are confused with your life plans?
  • Do you feel stuck and wish you had more time to work on your dreams?
  • Do you have aspirations & dedication to achieve personal/professional goals?
  • Do you feel emotionally and mentally exhausted and need mindful abundance in your life?
  • Do you want to land your dream job or kick start a business from ground up and skyrocket your income ?
  • Do you find it difficult to identify your purpose in life and focus on your growth and development?
If you feel any of these things this program is definitely for you!
I totally understand you and resonate with you. I have been there and gone through the similar phase slowly I figured out processes and sustainable systems to grow, achieve and above all find my purpose in life.
Let me help your with your life plans so that you become your own boss in every aspect of your life 🙂
There is no better feeling than one of creating a life you love. A life of abundance needs discipline, systems and processes that work for you, your life and your business. As a life coach and counselor I’ll help you discover it all with this program while focusing on your mental and emotional wellness.

What to expect?

  • A safe place to talk about your fears and problems.
  • Dig deeper to uncover your purpose in life.
  • A place to brainstorm your ideas, plans, goals and vision
  • Learn the skills and processes that will help you master your personal/professional/business life.
  • Learn how to create sustainable routine to stay focused and work diligently.
  • I’ll also help you overcome mind blocks that are stopping you from doing what you really want through NLP and mindset training.
  • We will also unleash the power of mindfulness, manifestation and law of attraction combined with inspired actions to help you create magic in your life.
  • Yes, it will get overwhelming and stressful at times but as a mindset & life design coach I’ll give you techniques to re-wire and re-structure your thoughts and emotions so that you’ll be mindful and positive throughout. This program will help you create magic in all walks of your life.

Program format-

  • Each session will be of 60 minutes. It will be a video/audio call based on your preference.
  • You can choose the no of sessions based on your need. I would suggest you take 3 months sessions(12 sessions) for best results.
  • 12 calls (first call 90 minutes and subsequent calls 60 minutes) scheduled one call per week.
  • Customized Resources (e.g.: worksheets, exercises, goal setting and planning, brainstorming)
  • Email support for additional 2 months.
  • Bundle plans available