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I am Professor and Head of the Department, Mechanical Engineering. I have sent many of my college students to Khushii in last 2-3 years and have seen excellent results. She understands students very well, gives them really good advises which helps young boys and girls take better actions towards their goals and future. One of the student who was ready to leave college due to various reasons, completed his studies with good grades and is now working for a top company. Another student of our college who was feeling very disturbed due to various issues in her life felt very comfortable and confident after talking to Khushii. I'll continue to refer my students who have any issues in their life to Khushii for their overall well being.
A V S Girish
Prof & Head of Dept Mechanical Engineering ( Saividya Institute of Technology)
I took a course from Khushii “ The Art of Letting Go”. She is really blessed with “Patience” because she listens to me with full attention. She helped me with letting go of my past toxic relationships with her exercises and techniques. Sometimes when I felt very sad & anxious about the situations and past relationships kept coming back in my mind, then Khushii helped me understand mindfulness and how to practice it through small effective exercises. She helped me let go of the past and focus on what present and future holds. I had issues in my family due to this pandemic COVID-19 , no househelp/maid would come and my parents are senior citizens & especially my Mom is a Cervical Spondylitis patient so she can’t manage things alone. My sis-in-law wouldn’t take care of the small things at home & so I used to get frustrated about these small things. Khushii helped me a lot by letting me figure out how to take the right steps for creating a peaceful environment through her exercises and questions that she made me answer. She is really a great empathetic listener also as she helped me to strengthen my relationship with my fiancee. She exactly understands how to help her client make right decisions without making it for them Her techniques and exercises have always helped me to get in a better mood and feel positive and happy about every little thing I have in my life. I am grateful to Khushii for all her smallest pieces of advice on the problems I have had and still trying to learn a lot from her. All I can say is that taking sessions from her was the best decision I ever made. She has helped me be aligned with myself and the people around me. She also introduced me to manifestation & law of attraction for a wonderful life 🙂
30 years old Female
Admin Executive for a leading company
I am very excited and happy to share my manifestation success story here.
Before I met khushii ,my life :
I was the girl who believe that I was the root cause of all my problems from my childhood and problems of my loved ones also , so I completely loss myself and I was full baggage of past and negativity, I felt I had no personality, that I was the problem for everyone I completely lost myself.
Then I found Khushii, took session from her and also buy “Live in Abundance”
After I met khushii, my life :
I gained my positiveness in my life☺️☺️, increase my confidence, more importantly ” I Live in Present” because I like her “if then loop” teaching , I also enrolled an English academy for improving my communication and writing skill as she made me believe I could , i feel positive about myself. my friends called yesterday , they felt my change in me and my confidence , now my parents understand me , so they support me , last day I also manifested a call from my friend.
I manifested confidence, change and support in my life
                                                                                                              Thank you so much khushii 😊😊😊
                                                                                                                                -Deepa Mangalya
I took course from Khushii and that was amazing. She really made things easy for me. She explained me everything very nicely and patiently. And that helped me to grow my channel and align my vision. She told all the points where I was lagging behind and gave me tips on how to improve. I look forward to take more course from her . Thank you so much 🙂
Priyal Suved
The sessions were really amazing, more than anything it was really comfortable and friendly and I felt safe to talk to Khushii didhi. I felt like I could talk without being misunderstood and express myself. Thank you for your inspiring words those techniques u gave me to overcome certain things in my life ❤
Janavi , Engineering Student
Alfred Adler once said "empathy is seeing with eyes of another, listening with ears of another and feeling with the heart of another". One doesn't usually fine a person who is ready, who is out there to listen to you, to help you, to walk by you while you figure out things. Khushi is gifted. She cares, she listens to help you. I have had wonderful experience. With this endeavour, I am confident she will be a guiding light to those who are seeking help.
Amit Kulkarni
I have taken re-write your life story program with Khushii. It has helped me create wonderful processes to pursue my PhD, take out time for myself. She has helped me overcome my mismanagement of time and divert my energy into more efficient things. I feel so much better than before.
I recommend her courses to everyone who wants to see a positive change in life.

Sharad Srivastava

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